Horrordrome was born from my idea of creating a website specialized on film Horror, Sci-Fi and B movies.


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Horrordrome was born back in 1997 as a movie section of Shadownet.cjb.net a website about goth, metal, videogames, mysteries and of course movies (horror, sci-fi and b movies only). Late in 1998 it started its own path a separate website and in 2001 the horrordrome.com domain was acquired. In 2003 the website was shutted down and for like 10 years Leonard Nox (also known with his old nickname Ombra) tried multiple times to restart it but every time something happened and delay after delay it was impossible to open it properly again until summer 2014. In Summer 2014 Horrordrome.com was in beta test and opened only for the testers, while in October we finally made it public.
We’re in continue development, adding code and contents on daily basis.

The Staff:
Leonard Nox
Founder, contents