Another Milestone! 500 movies in our database and 100 editions!

Heya guys!
We reached another Milestone! we have now 500 and counting movies included in our database.
Some of them are mainstream, but what make us proud are those very rare to find movies we presented here with detailed informations you will not find it easily nowhere else.
Here you can have a look at some movies which are not yet released in DVD or Blu-Ray, while in our database you could find some other oddities and rarities such 964 Pinocchio, Ricky 6, Ultra Q The Movie, and some others!

As promised in the last update we introduced also the Editions pages, where we give you details about rare and hard to find special and limited editions, among common ones.
Some examples: Fright Night – Twilight Time 30th Anniversary LE Blu-Ray, Deep Red – Arrow LE Blu-Ray, Hell Comes To Frogtown – Arrow LE Blu-Ray and much more!
As today we have 100 editions in our database, spread among VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray formats.
You can find all the editions included in Horrordrome, here.

New Movies and Editions are added to our archives almost on daily basis, so we hope to see you soon when another milestone will be reached.
Stay tuned for further updates and in the while time I encourage you to register an account on and start commentin’.

Cheers, Leonard Nox.

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