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I'm a huge horror, sci-fi and b-movies fan and collector. I started writing reviews about underground and hard to find movies when I was in high school for the school fanzine. In 1997 I started wrote reviews on internet for my personal website and some other heavy metal/goth fanzines/magazines, in 2001 I founded Horrordrome.com. I took part in some horror movies festivals as judge or sometimes also as Artistic Director. I studied filmmaking with Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust) and I have an Autodesk/Adobe degree in CGI special FX, 3D modeling, animation and compositing. While I was at school studying CGI I directed a short spot for Diesel (clothing brand). In the early 2000s I filmed some VERY amateurish horror/sci-fi shorts - the large part of them were unfinished or they're now lost. The only one published and available is Boglin 1: Book Of Boglins. I also worked as filmmaker in adult entertainment. Now I'm working to be a little independent Horror,Sci-fi, B-movies producer. I'm italian but I'm living in U.K. for 4 years now, so if you think we have something in common and you want to meet me to discuss about horror movies, or if you need any help for your short/full feature film, just leave me a message ;)

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