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Original Title: Mother's Day

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From the Back Cover:

One of the most notorious and controversial horror shockers of all time finally comes to UK Blu-ray uncut and uncensored! Mother's Day introduces us to three twenty-something women on a camping trip to hell. Our helpless heroines are stalked and snatched by a pair of psychosexual brothers and their insane parent - but oestrogen proves tough to overcome and Mother's Day ultimately provides us with a chair-gripping, sanguine-stained battle of sexes. Prepare to be disoriented and disturbed by one of the true greats of eighties independente terror! Considered to be a classic of the backwoods-slasher genre, Mother's Day debuted in 1980 to censorship problems and critical confusion - but gained a fan following that includes such Hollywood heavyweights as eli Roth (Hostel) and Brett Ratner (Rush Hour). Indeed, Ratner would eventually produce a lavishly budgeted 2010 remake, starring Rebecca De Mornay, altough - as in most cases - it is the original which is most potent and powerful! Thirty-five years after its premiere, Mother's Day has lost none of its lacerating satire and this influential splatter outing remains recommended to even the most seasoned of scary movie fans.


  • Audio commentary by Charles Kaufman and Rex Piano
  • Charles Kaufman intro
  • Rex Piano intro
  • Behind the scenes super 8 footage
  • Eli Roth on Mother’s Day
  • Charles Kaufman and Darren Bousman talk Mother’s Day
  • Theatrical trailer
  • TV spot
  • Graduation Day trailer
  • 88 films trailer reel
  • Notes:

  • Collector’s booklet by Calum Waddell featuring an in depth conversation with scream queen Nancy Hendrickson
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