Thaw (The) - High Fliers DVD pdf

Original Title: Thaw (The)

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Disc: 1
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From the Back Cover:

Evelyn Kruipen accornpanies a group of ecology students to a remote research station where her father, the famed scientist Dr Kruipen (Val Kilmer) has discovered the carcass of a woolly mammoth in a melting ice cap. Arriving in the icy north they find that the research station has been mysteriously abandoned and Evelyn discovers that something else has survived thousands of years locked in the frozen ice cap. A deadly parasite has been unleashed by her father and one by one the students are infected and turn on each other. Dr Krupien staggers back to the station, wounded but alive, and just as Evelyn thinks that help is at hand her father makes a staggering revelation......


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