First milestone: 300 movies in our database.

Heya folks!
In less than a year we already added to our database 300 movies from horror to sci-fi and b movies from all around the world and from different eras. Now it’s time for revisions and checks, this for being sure to grant our visitors high quality contents, minor errors and of course highest level of horror-nerdism (or call it, if you want, horrordrome).
In the next weeks we will check all the movies included in our database, adding informations, doing corrections if needed and filling empty fields.

Not only that!
With a solid archive of 300 titles we can now start for real focusing on additional contents such DVD and Blu-ray editions, reviews and maybe even more.

Stay tuned for further updates and in the while time I encourage you to register an account on and start commentin’.

Cheers, Leonard Nox.

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