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Define horror is not easy, there are plenty of books trying to do that and most likely not one succeeded in this totally. Horror movies were born in the late nineteenth century, as evolution of magic tricks performed by magicians on their theatrical sets. Mostly were just optical illusions and projections of “ghosts” on stage.

Lately “real” horror movies were introduced with a storyline and actors, first faces of horror in cinema were ghosts and vampires, but soon they started to be followed by any other sort of monster and spooky creature. Since the begin the human nature always wanted to give a face to their own fears. Every culture has their own monsters, legends and spooky fairy tales. Those stories has been written and narrated by centuries before someone had a chance to materialize in form of motion pictures.

Horror genre is most likely the maximum expression of cinema, involving a lot of elements all togheter. When we talk about a good horror movie we’re talking about something which contains a good story, good actors, good special effects and different messages behind it. There’s no other genre so rich and so versatile, being able to talk basically about everything, entertain you and get into your soul, under the skin, as the horror genre can do when it’s well made… when it’s not well made, at least you can still laugh at it.

– Leonard Nox

All Hallows Evil: Lord Of The Harvest
Alpha Centauri
American Burger ,
American Werewolf in London (An) ,
Attack Of The Beast Creatures
Babadook (The) ,
Bad Moon
Basement (The)
Basket Case
Basket Case 2
Beyond (the)
Beyond Re-Animator ,
Bikini Bloodbath Shakespeare
Black Waters Of Echo’s Pond (The)
Blood Junkie
Blood Sabbath
Bloodbath At The House Of Death
Bloodlust Zombies
Bloodsucking Pharaohs In Pittsburgh
Boglin 1: Book Of Boglins
Boogens (The)
Boogey Man (The)
Boy (The)
Bride Of Re-Animator
C.H.U.D. II Bud The Chud
Call Girl Of Chtulhu
Castle Of The Living Dead , , ,
Cellar Dweller
Cheerleader Camp ,
Christmas Horror Story (A) , ,
Clown ,
Conjuring (The)
Conjuring 2 (The) ,
Cradle Of Fear
Crazy Bitches
Curse Of Mesopotamia
Curse Of The Faceless Man
Dark Below (The)
Dark Shadows ,
Dark Vision
Darkside Witches
Dead & Rotting
Dead Hooker In A Trunk ,
Dead Mine
Dead Of Night ,
Deadly Spawn (The)
Death Do Us Part
Death Moon ,
Deaths Of Ian Stone (The) ,
Deep In The Darkness
Deep Red
Demon’s Rook (The)
Devil Inside (the) , , ,
Devil Walks At Midnight (The)
Don’t Breathe
Dracula Untold
Drift (The)
Early Grave
Edward Lee’s the Bighead
Evil Clutch (The)
Evil Dead
Evil Souls , ,
Fear Itself
Finders Keepers
FPS: First Person Shooter
Fright Night
FrightWorld ,
Frost ,
Gate (The) ,
Ghost Fever
Ghost Of Goodnight Lane
Ghoul (The)
Ghoulies ,
Ginger Snaps
Guardian (The)
Hallow (The) , ,
Halloween 6: The Curse Of Michael Myers
Halloween III: Season of the Witch
Halloween Night
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