Top 5 Horror Trailers 2016

Please Note: This list is based on TRAILERS, we didn’t see the full movies yet.

5 – The Boy

By watching the trailer this movie looks interesting and creepy, maybe lacking a bit of originality (this is just the 2047392387589347593th time we see an animated possessed doll, I guess.), still the atmosphere looks like pretty good and if the director played the scary moments at the right times, we could have a new good Doll Horror movie here. Not to mention the idea behind the rules is a bit more original than the average title in this subgenre.

4 – Pride And Prejudice And Zombies

Not a fan of Zombie Movies myself – well not ANYMORE, after I’ve seen any sort of crap associate to them lately – but this movie looks like pretty decent. It’s not easy to make an horror movie in costume and give it the right atmosphere but by watching the trailer looks like at least they got this covered, let’s see if even the rest could be interesting enough and not just another useless Zombie Movie junk.

3 – The Witch

I smell a new masterpiece, everything just looks like well made by this trailer.

2 – The Dark Below

I was put this as first, but the teaser it’s just too short to deserve that. A movie based on Lovecraft works always make me happy, but it’s not only this… the plot sound interesting and the sequences showed in the teaser looks cool enough. I can’t wait for this one!!!

1 – Playing With Dolls: Blood Lust

Rene Perez did a mess with the previous movie, Playing With Dolls, not showing so much action and lacking of slaughter for being the brutal slasher people wanted by watching the trailer. This time the trailer shows much more blood and some good ultragore merciless practical effects (the hammer smashing the face of the girl got me good), so there’s a real hope that this time Perez will deliver what was missing in the previous chapter, giving us a very brutal slasher with the cousin of Jason Voohrees on rampage. Cheers.


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