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All Hallows Evil: Lord Of The Harvest Check Editions Original Title: All Hallows Evil: Lord Of The Harvest

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The sleepy town of Hallowed Hill is known by many as the Halloween capitol of the world because of its history and Pagan origins. People from all around come to visit the town on the night of All Hallows Eve. Two hundred years ago, on Halloween, a great evil was unleashed on the town by a witch who dabbled in the black arts. After a long night of mayhem brought on by this terrible evil, a select group of towns folk were able to stop the witch and dispatch the evil back into the darkness from whence it came. Now two hundred years later a young girl finds an ancient Pagan book archived in the dusty attic of the local library, and with the help of her wicked foster mother, releases the evil Sam Hain from his hell-bound prison to once again wreak havoc on Halloween night. The question is, can the town join togheter to stop this evil as their forefathers did many years ago, or will Halloweed Hill be completerly devoured by the Lord of the Harvest.

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