Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers () pdf

Michael Lives, And This Time They're Ready!

Halloween 5 1989 poster Check Editions Director:
Original Title: Halloween 5
Alternative Title: Halloween 5: Michael Myers' Revenge
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Horrordrome Says

This movie is the essence of 80's slashers. Brutally unstoppable.

Horrordrome Synopsis

After the last episode Jamie is mentally linked with Michael Myers who managed to escape and find a shelter where to rest for a year waiting for the next Halloween. One year later he will be back for kill Rachel and hunt Jamie... and also for kill everyone on his path.

Infos / Trivia

  • Michael Myers and the misterious man in black have the same symbol tattoed on the wrist, which can also be seen on a wall in the old Michael Myers's house.
  • Don Shanks was really hitted in the nose by Donal Pleasence with the wood plank, the hit broke his nose.
  • Despite on the cover Jamie is wearing the same clown costume which was used in Haloween 4, in this movies she's dressed as princess.
  • Michael Myers took off the mask 2 times for reveal his face, but both times he's still in the darkness so the face wont be fully revealed anyway.

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