Halloween 6: The Curse Of Michael Myers () pdf

Six times the terror... Six times the fear... Six times the thrills...
Everyone knows his name. Now, everyone will know the truth.
Terror Never Rests In Peace!

Halloween 6 1995 poster Check Editions Original Title: Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
Alternative Title: Hall6ween, Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween 6, Halloween 666: The Origin of Michael Myers (working title), Halloween: The Origin of Michael Myers, Halloween 666: Curse of Michael Myers
Prequel: 4

Horrordrome Says

The cult of Michael Myers! this time some explainations about the nature of the evil behind Michael was given as well as he's more brutal and unstoppable than ever.

Horrordrome Synopsis

6 years after Michael Myers and Jamie are still missing, Jamie gave birth of a child in an undeground temple run by evil druids who worship Michael Myers. She will manage to escape with the baby but only to get caught on the way by Michael who will kill her but miss the baby. Will be Tommy Doyle (the little friend of Jamie from the last movie) to find and save the baby and helped by Doctor Loomis they will try to protect him from the unstoppable Michael Myers. Haddonfield will be once again the theatre of ferocious murders by Michael Myers, but this time he will be even helped by his worshippers.

Infos / Trivia

  • During the pre-production phase a lot of different directors showed up interested or were considered for directing this movie: Peter Jackson, Jeff Burr and Scott Spiegel.
  • Joe Chappelle cut from the final version of the movie a lot of sequences with Donald Pleasance and written himself the end for the theatrical version
  • This is the most gory episode in the series

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