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He's baaack!

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Alternative Title: Jack O'Lantern

From the back cover of:
A year ago, Jack suffered a terrifying car accident. He emerged from it alive but others weren't so lucky. Now Jack is plagued by recurring nightmares of tragedy and he returns home to try to rid himself of these terrifying nightly visions. Soon, however, Jack realises that each new nightmare is uncovering forgotten details of the accident... As the lives of Jack and his high school friends are threatened, it is clear a horrorific evil force is exacting a deadly vengeance for the events of that fateful evening. But where is this terrifying demon appearing from? And what does he want? As Halloween approaches, they struggle to find the demon killer before it finds them...

From the back cover of:
The film concerns a legendary, scythe-wielding pumkin-headed Halloween Demon called "Jack-O". Originally raised from the dead in the last century by evil wizard Walter Machen (John Carradine), the demon returns in modern times to haunt young Sean Kelly (Ryan Lashaw), his clueless family and babysitter Linnea Quigley (as always, our greatest adolescent fantasy come to life). Come Hallows eve, JACK-O begins hacking and slashing his way through a blood-splattered, fear-stained stack of drunken college students, unwitting neighbors, terrified trick-o-treaters, motorcycle maniacs and a witless Cable TV installer played by the director himself.

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- Fred Olen Ray was the second unit director

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