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Hell-o-ween forever!

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From the back cover of:
Jack'O'Slasher is a horror/comedy film about a demon with a head full of rotten pumpkin seeds. He is sent from hell to help a cult of sexy satanists try to resurrect the devil and bring eternal Hell to Earth. A group of people are enjoying a Halloween amusement park. Little do they know that a murderous demon lurks in the shadows. Can they survive this Halloween horror?! There are many fun characters including a lecherous ticket man, a hunch-backed hotdog man, a satanic Killer clown, and many more! Jack'O'Slasher... Hell-o-ween forever...

Horrordrome Says

A cult of sexy goth satanists are helped by a demonic pumpkin-head killer sent from hell... come on, it doesn't even need me to continue. Just buy it.

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