New Feature: Add Review !!!

We have a lot of new features in development and finally one of those it’s ready to be released. Now every registered user on can send us a movie review who will be listed in the movie’s page among others.
That’s only a very first step through a new series of features who will lead to be even more unique and truly dedicated to horror/sci-fi/b-movies fans.

How it works?

Easy like kill a zombie!, all you have to do is be registered and logged in (if you’re not, please go here and join us) and go here filling the Add Review form.
In every movie page you will find the reviews section who will list all the reviews in our archive for that movie, you will also find the Add Review link that will lead you to the same page I linked above or in the top menu under Reviews Add Review.

The form:

  • Review Title
    The title of your review, it could be simply “*Movie Title* Review” or something more fancy like “Zombeavers: Mutant zombie beavers, beavermen and tits… wait what?”.
  • Movie Title
    This is nothing you can change and all you have to do is just select the corresponding title for the movie you reviewed from the list of movie included in our database.
    At the moment you cannot add a review for a movie not included in our database nor you can add the missing movie yourself, but you can contact us with this form and ask to add the movie.
  • Review Type
    Text if you’re post a written review or Video if you’re going to promote a video review you did on youtube or other video social media platforms.

Once your review will be submitted it will not be live instantly, it will require a member of our staff to validate it before it could be public. In case your review will be not validate you will receive a message with an explanation about what’s wrong with it.

See you soon with more news and features!

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