Cheerleader Camp 1988 – Review


Cheerleader Camp is considered by many a little cult, so far as the large part of the ’80s horror/slashers. But is it really a cult? well, it’s hard to say but let’s see what we have here: some very hot girls, slasher elements, oniric “scary” sequences, comedy, sex jokes, fart jokes, some nice gore effects, one enjoyable character, (crap) dance competitions… and basically a very confused plot with lack of characters development, including the main one (Alison).

In the first part of the movie we cannot really understand if we’re watching a Porky’s ripoff, a Friday 13th episode with cheerleaders… or just a dance-competition movie like Breakin’ or Beat Street. The only thing we know for sure is there are very nice girls coming from Playboy and Penthouse, plenty of them, and they’re nice enough to show us their naked beauty.
The second part of the movie start to be a bit more convincing horror flick with some nice kills – yet not so original – and some decent practical effects, also the killing spree is speeding up, finally, since in the first part of the movie there’s only one kill so far, while other not-horror elements such comedy and sexy situations are predominant.

I must say the second part of this flick is definitely better than the first one and maybe it’s just because of that if the movie is not totally boring, still being better than the first part, doesn’t mean it really works well; the kills just happen one after another and since the plot lack of characters development, nobody really cares if they’re dying or not.
You know, just because you can blend a banana with a raw cooked beef, doesn’t mean the result is gonna be good. The plot of Cheerleader Camp is just that: a mix of different tastes not blended together very well and when it tries to go in a direction, either comedy, horror or even sexy, it just does without getting to any good level or trying to innovate something, but it just shows something already seen before. Characters, humor, “horror” and even the kills are basically borrowed from other previous movies. That said, the final result is not good, but surprisingly when the movie ends, you will most likely find yourself putting it in the average section: not so good but not even that bad… or at least that’s what happened to me.
The movie can be considered enjoyable, or maybe even a cult, for those who love ’80s cheesy slashers, or in general cheesy movies.
Don’t get fooled!, someone think that Cheerleader Camp was the first “cheerleader horror” or the first “cheerleader horror comedy”, but it’s not. Satan’s Cheerleader by glorious Greydon Clark (Without Warning) was already out since 1977, being exactly a “cheerleader horror comedy”. Cheerleader Camp is more like Revenge Of The Cheerleaders/Gimme An F meets an average random ’80s slasher.

Leonard Nox

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