Playing With Dolls: Bloodlust – Atrocious


An hour ago I wrote this on the IMDB forum page of this film. Thinking it was a good idea to share it on this site. I have seen my share of b/z grade horror films in my lifetime. I think making a film is always difficult and if anybody is willing to get the money and time in creating a genre film is always a good thing.
This being said, I have great difficulties in giving a movie with that level of badness a rating higher than 1. The acting was not even porn level, it all seems like an atrocious joke a group of school actors did with their spare time. The dialogues were out of this world cheezy and delivered in what seems like a succession of bloopers from a very bad softcore film.

The overall atmosphere was non-existent and tries to grab your attention by the simplest ways possible. The chosen music pieces were annoying and the editing seems to have been done by somebody who had to do it in 5 minutes. Some of the reviews that I have read spent a good amount of time trashing the ending. While I won’t spoil it for you, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it is the laziest, jaw dropping, most horrible cliffhanger scene I saw in my life.

While I understand the movie could been meant as a joke or a legitimate Z grade horror film, it also fails in that completely.

If you like to suffer, to endure and test how far you can get into a unbearable cinematic experience, here’s one for you. Seriously, I did not even laughed at it, just plain pain. The worst film I have seen in decades.

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