Playing With Dolls: Bloodlust – Atrocious

An┬áhour ago I wrote this on the IMDB forum page of this film. Thinking it was a good idea to share it on this site. I have seen my share of b/z grade horror films in my lifetime. I think making a film is always difficult and if anybody is willing to get the money … Continue reading Playing With Dolls: Bloodlust – Atrocious

Cheerleader Camp 1988 – Review

Cheerleader Camp is considered by many a little cult, so far as the large part of the ’80s horror/slashers. But is it really a cult? well, it’s hard to say but let’s see what we have here: some very hot girls, slasher elements, oniric “scary” sequences, comedy, sex jokes, fart jokes, some nice gore effects, … Continue reading Cheerleader Camp 1988 – Review

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